Can’t trust that day.

Well, I said it would be a close game.

However, when that Texas armadillo, when placed between two mats, one marked Falcons and the other Patriots, walked on the Pats’ mats, we should have known.  These things are scientific.

And yes, even when the Falcons were up by 25 points at half time and were cleaning the Patriots’ clock at every turn, I was not convinced.  Because…this was Tom Brady.  His pride was on the line, he has to win, he goes for first downs on 4th downs, as talented as he is, he still feels compelled to cheat and deflate balls…so, I am not surprised they came out during the second half and won the game.  The Falcons’ defense was on the fields so often because they scored so quickly, they were exhausted.  But Brady’s fifth Super Bowl win does not qualify him in my mind as the best quarterback ever.  That will always go to Joe Montana in my opinion.  His style, execution, cool-headedness; Brady can’t compare.

Now, I really want to post something that I think is the most beautiful thing at any Super Bowl ever.  It’s when the Saints won, and shows Quarterback Drew Brees and his son.