Nearly 4:30PM, shadows growing a little longer although the sun is still very bright over in the Western sky, and I will be ready to watch the game.

But a few thoughts on the day today.  This morning, I chopped the Louisiana Holy Trinity:  onions, celery, green pepper and then garlic to a beautiful caramel limpness and added this to the Swedish meatballs.  Cooked No Yolks noodles.  Well, all I can say is that the Looziana version of this dish is a winner.  Dipped a heel of French bread in that brown, creamy gravy, delish.  But, I don’t know what was in them because no sooner did I finish eating Sunday dinner, washed the few dishes, that I felt compelled to stretch out en boudoir before the telly…and slept soundly for nearly three hours.  This made me miss the first half of the Puppy Bowl, but the last half was adorable, among the cutest hounds ever.  Team Fluff broke a two-year losing streak and blew Team Ruff out of the stadium, at a score of 90-something to thirty-something.

Still in a bit of a Swedish-Looziana fog.  Did you have a Snakebite?  Really, it is such a pirate’s drink!