Once again I start the day with an inspiring post.

About to to finish dressing, head out for a few errands, but shopped for groceries last night at Joe W’s–can you believe what I’m dying to cook this weekend–Swedish meatballs.  I’m intrigued.

Well to refer to the topic of this post.  Yesterday on the news was a scenario that would fit into one of my worst nightmares:  A photo taken from a home in Texas of la toilette in which there was a rattlesnake.  The family son walked into the powder room and found it.  Snake removal experts were immediately called in and a search of the basement (photos included) showed a nest of 26 rattlers coiled around each other there.  They were removed, but I would never walk into that basement again.  It was particularly gruesome but the next time they showed this I fell over laughing in disbelief.  They immediately shot to the shot of the snake coiled in the toilet and Heather Childers prefaced the report by saying, “No, that’s not what you think it is, it’s a rattlesnake in a family toilet.”  I can’t believe she said that on air!

Well, errands call.  Housework does not.  What will win, what will win?  Cold, beautiful day, and so I leave you with the wish, May Your Toilets Be Snakeless All The Days of Your Life!