Well, for some crazy reason other than that I probably just want to free up tomorrow, I cooked this afternoon  instead of waiting  until this morning, for the week.  I guess it’s the break from choir that allowed it.  Prepared the Swedish meatballs; found it rather bland on taste so I decided to kick it up a notch, add Hungarian paprika to the sauce and turned them into Hungarian meatballs.  Still too bland, so decided to add a few drops of Louisina Crystal Hot Sauce to the sauce, and now it’s just fine.  This is a so–so dish; prefer Italian meatbals, or beef stroganoff, so I don’t think I will cook it again, but it was fun to fix, is pretty tasty, and now my curiosity is satisfied.

Tonight I’m going to try a drink I heard about on the television.  Its called Snakebite, and consists of a shot of dark, dark rum into a Guinness Stout.  Again, I am curious.  Report to follow.

I also oven barbecued some chicken in a sauce of my own creation; the bulk of everything is done.  I’m ready to crash, it’s been a busy day and probably have to take another shower because I think I smell like cooking.

I am enjoying morning showers very much, but I think I double dip if only to emerge feeling so wonderfully clean to spritz on Shalimar and done my seductive dishabille…topped by a flannel shirt!  Raw sex.