Well, sweet darling, I promised a report to you about the drink, Snakebite, and here ’tis:

It’s awesome!  Iced a tall wide mouth glass so perfect for ale or Guinness in the freezer; chilled a bottle of GS there for about fifteen minutes.  Poured it into said glass and then just poured about an ounce of Myer’s Dark rum straight down into the foam.  Didn’t want to stir, just let it be.  Well, it made a river of sweetness that so complemented the Guinness in a non-cloying way; absolutely delicious and if you haven’t tried this, I heartily recommend it to you.  The rum and the Guinness blend perfectly together in a perfect marriage of flavors–I mean, you can taste both of them separately,  yet together. The island flavor of cane rum, and that Irish tour de force that is Guinness. Very refreshing and satisfying.

Those Swedish-Hungarian-Semi-Cajun meatballs.  Think tomorrow I’m going to really have to Louisiana them up several notches.  I’ve never eaten them before; Mom never cooked them, other family members never did, and you can’t really find them much in Louisiana…I guess now I understand why!

Thinking of those steps, and that warm tweed coat.  Now, apres 2nd shower du jour, smelling faintly of Shalimar, that I love so much in cooler months, contemplating asecond Snakebite.  As my Gallic forbears might say, possible.