photo-on-1-20-17-at-9-41-amDon’t know why I’m on such a French kick of late.  Well, I had dog less hot dogs of bun and chili and moutarde.  Yum.  The Cole Slaw went over big.  It was fun, a lot of laughter and good old fashioned comfort food that put everyone at ease.

So, here is the Friday T-shirt of the week.

Having worn it, one of the snowflakes made a point of commenting  about “Global Warming” to my face, yet not to my face.  Alas, they’re all melting…melting…melting..,

And on that subject, I was reading comments in a news section about this.  There was a  man who identified himself as being from California who said, maybe all you conservative Christians down there in the south will pray to get enlightenment and stop being so ignorant about climate change.  Oh my, could I keep silent?  Impossible.  I responded under the avatar of Ms. McDaniel and politely called him out for his uppity condescension.  I told him that I would pray that all the people in California with their lifestyle and dependence upon the automobile would enlighten them to a better way and finally get rid of that noxious cloud of smog that continually hangs over Southern California, especially Los Angeles in the wake of their superior enlightenment about climate change.  I then suggested he come South and see how we live since, unenlightened as we are, there is hardly any air pollution in the South in comparison.

I believe climate change is a naturally cyclical occurrence; how much it is influenced by man is something I’m not yet convinced.  The advocates of this have too failsafes in their theory that makes them appear infallible–such as–when on a freezing day someone says in mockery, it’s global warming, the scientific response is…the extreme temperature is a sign of global warming and climate change.  Sorry, but the fact this started with Al Gore, i.e. Vice President Frankenstein.

The weekend is afoot.