Well, it’s here.  One of my favorite months, chilly with a beautiful blue day outside. How’s that tweed coat?  You looked wonderful, but pensive and a little sad.

You know, I’ve been drinking Yogi herbal teas off and on for years now, and it was only just this morning that I noticed the little tag on the bag comes with a saying:  mine read:  “people who love are forgiving.”

Yesterday driving home on Metairie Road, I saw a brightly decorated van make a left turn in front of me onto Oaklawn.  I’ll take it as a sign of sorts:  I’ve never seen one of their vans but this one belonged to Renaissance Publishing, and there was Jeanne D’Arc huger than life on the side.  That was a bit of a surprise, and I will take it as a sign.

But how I wish I was in Whitby now.  I can tell I would like that town; probably stroll the pier where a fortune teller’s hut has been for years, I read.  The current lady reader’s name is Lee; why don’t you pay her a visit?