Whenever I read the novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker, usually at Halloween with a bowl of popcorn beside me, there was something about the town of Whitby that always pulled me. I knew virtually nothing about that town, only that it was placed high atop England, on the sea, with all those steps leading to the water.  It was a perfect setting in the novel, and somehow, Whitby, from that description, always made me feel it was a bit separate from England, not typically British, but different.  It always drew me, not overwhelmingly compelling, like…God…I have to be there…but it was just an okay, a let’s wait and see thing.  I never saw pictures of that town until this morning and I know now that my first instincts about Whitby were right.  It is a different town; it’s different from any town I’ve seen, of the ones I’ve seen, in England.  It’s bright and colorful, almost a pirate feel to it, set on that  beautiful bay with the beautiful-colored water…it’s almost, but not quite, Caribbean with its color, but not traditionally English and staid.  It’s really very, very lovely, and I love it.

But I imagine that right now it is terribly cold.