Yesterday was a most pleasant day.  After I finished cooking, took a shower, got under Earl’s quilt in the big blue chair as the breeze wafted through, and read all afternoon sipping wine.  After my roast cooked, I tasted the jus made from the Guinness and decided it was too bitter for my taste although I had added ingredients that were supposed to cut the bitterness.  Made an executive decision–poured it into a saucepan added some sherry AND red wine and reduced it, and it was delicious.  Put the slices of meat on top of a mound of mashed potatoes and spooned the jus over all of it.  It was a fine meal.  The chicken fettuccine (whole wheat)  was also delicious–brought a little for lunch today and it hit the spot.  It came out this kind of deep coral color colored by chopped green onions.  Just really, really good.

Still super relieved about my test results.

I think it might go without saying that this year I am skipping all the awards shows.  I saw clips of the hysteria last night at the SAG awards where politics do not belong.  The ratings of these shows are slipping more and more, and with little wonder.  As far as the protests go about holding people at the airport until they were vetted.  Where was this outrage when Obama shockingly ended allowing Cubans in once their feet touched dry land just before he left office?  Or when, in 2011, he put a six-month suspension on receiving applications from Iraq?  And then there were Chuck Schumer’s ‘crocodile tears’ yesterday about this…over 350,000 people come to America daily and about only 150+ were detained…and all were released by this morning.  There’s so much hypocrisy; Trump could cure cancer and because the left hates him, they would still demonstrate.  Don’t these people have jobs?