This has been a nice weekend, especially since the last one was so upsetting.  4PM Mass was beautiful, absolution sought and found after skipping because of upset, and there was just peace.  It’s cold, brother.  It’s beautifully cold; yesterday gray and overcast, today beautifully deep blue and gold, and, as January is drawing to an end, February is coming and I’ve always said February in New Orleans and Louisiana is so beautiful; soft temperatures and that intensely blue February sky and light–it is such a day today.

This morning early, on my way to Joe W’s for a few things I forgot to buy yesterday, I checked yesterdays mail.  Not surprised to see an envelope from East Jefferson where I had that wringer test a few weeks ago.  Tore it open and to my immense relief all was normal, benign, no problem.  But there was something that is no problem at all, I stress, no problem at all, that showed a change from my last test and that there was a lymph node on the left side that showed up.  That’s not bad and I only bring it up because it is amazing how God speaks to us:  For the past six months, whenever I was quiet, I kept feeling instinctively something was going on on my side.  I didn’t feel anything, didn’t hurt, nothing, I just kept sensing that and of course it panicked me because I immediately thought:  breast cancer although I couldn’t find any indication of it self exam wise.  So now I know what I was sensing, and isn’t all a bit crazy?  Crazy wonderful.

So, what’s cooking today with all the windows open and the glorious day having been let in?  Marinated a lean roast overnight with a rosemary, thyme and garlic rub in a bottle of Guinness stout.  It’s roasting now.  Going to make mashed potatoes to accompany it; potatoes are boiled and need to be whipped.  Roasting two panned  chicken breasts in cream sherry and red wine with a soupcon of garlic; smells so heavenly in here…ah, my alcoholic kitchen!  And a new dish for me:  chicken fettuccine.  Oh, Diet Where Art Thou?

TCM Star of the Month is Jane Wyman, an actress I love in anything.  Even as Dr. Quinn’s lovable, crabby mother in that one episode.  So I taped some of her movies and watched three of them yesterday.  At the time they were released in the fifties, critics dismissed them as “women’s movies,” i.e., chick flicks, I suppose.  But according to the divine Ben Manciewicz, as time progressed, they grew in respect, especially the ones directed by Douglas Sirk that showed a dark underpinning of an anti-social snobbery theme.  I agree with that:  Of the three I watched back to back I realize which one is my favorite and I will say in a minute.  But I watched the divine, “All That Heaven Allows,”  and how I love it.  I love the theme, the love story, the settings, and I love when Rock and Jane go to an impromptu party at his friends who have given up the Keeping Up With Jones thing and live in that upper story…their home reminds me so much of my own on Short Street in New Orleans, the upper duplex, everything except the glass roof of the kitchen.  You know, I wouldn’t mind a little pad like that one at all…and the mill Rock converts into a beautiful craftsman home, something a laddie good with his hands might do.  I love when Jane realizes how stupid she was to sacrifice her heart for the sake of the children, and to keep gossip down.  Bosh!

The second I watched was, “Lucy Gallant.”  It was good, not as profound, but good.

But I realize my favorite of all three taped is, “Magnificent Obsession.”  For some reason I watched this without the youthful blinders of semi-scoffing at a soap opera, and you now, it is a really beautiful, profound and wonderful film.  Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson gave marvelous performances; there were times when Jane, as being blinded, broke my heart and she carried this off without a trace of being over the top.  Yes, Magnificent Obsession is my favorite.

Okay, going to see to the pots and dishes, have two mysteries I have to read before their due, and well, Sweet Praline Sunday to you as well.