You know, I only heard snippets of Ashley Judd’s rant during the protest on Saturay.  Not the full text.  I heard most of it last night.  Do not lump myself as a woman, and most of the women I know, in with this trash.  The low-down filth that came out of that woman’s mouth; that isn’t the voice of women.  And I have to tell you:  any real woman wouldn’t let any other woman speak for her collectively, surrender her own psyche and identity into a wave of hysteria.  Pictures on Facebook of women standing before Trump Tower with both hands raised and both middle fingers extended.  Wow, what ladies.  I refused to be linked with this hysterical, hateful, vulgar and uninformed creatures.  For nearly forty years, the Pro Lifers have gone to Washington in the thousands, as they will on Friday, to end Roe v Wade and it has never gotten the coverage this mob got with their cheap, vulgar signs, slogans, speeches.

I won’t post the text, but I’ll post a link to the speech.  And I’m not posting it for the reason suggested.  I’m posting it to go on record that I abhor this kind of filth, getting this low down and skanky  is not the way to fight for human rights or bring women forward.  This woman was always a mediocre actress in my opinion and I can’t help but think she’s looking for a big publicity play there in her pearls. I’ve heard some women here call that protest, “beautiful.”  Jesus; it made me embarrassed to be a woman.  And I’m not exactly a pushover who is subservient to men.

They deliberately ignore that Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to ever win a presidential election as a campaign manager, a lovely, accomplished, soft-spoken but steel-spined woman they probably all wish they could be, and so they will hate her because she doesn’t fit their mold of a “liberated woman.”  Ivanka Trump is a beautiful, brilliant, accomplished woman who seems as good as gold, and they drag her down into comments that Trump has incestuous ideas about her.  Ever hear a father say about his grown daughter, she’s just like the woman I married? All he said was that Ivanka had grown into a beautiful, intelligent, accomplished woman, like the kind he liked to date.  That’s incest?…only when filtered through perverted, gross, dirty minds like these.

Haters who only want to hate will only hate.  In the meanwhile, Trump, as ignored by the MSM has accomplished more in less than a week in the White House than Obama did in 8 years.