I really have to talk a bit about the Woman’s Rally and Protest in Washington on Saturday. Well, bless their little hearts, they all had their say.

Mostly prompted because of abortion rights and hate.

So, when a commentator on FOX said, this is what WOMEN Want, as though she spoke for all women, I had to say, don’t lump me in with that bunch.

Supposedly outraged by Trump’s bad language twelve years ago on an open mic, Madonna dropped the F bomb at the podium and is now under investigation for saying she wanted to blow up the White House.

Superslob Michael Moore just fir in with all the girls, and Ashley Judd, whose movie star has dimmed considerably, looked like she was auditioning for a stage play with very bad over the top histrionics.  America Ferrera…well, it was gag-a-tory.  And the women in the crowd; my God, I’ve never seen so many buzz cuts in my life.