It’s a charcoal and dun gray day; a little cooler, a ferocious North wind blowing and coming through the opened windows.  Have to head to Joe W’s for groceries as my errands were somewhat interrupted yesterday.  This feels like a soup week; I’m going to simmer a pot of homemade veggie soup after I shop, and haven’t decided on what else to cook for the week.

Errol’s email made me feel much better.  You would think the state could give them funding, but don’t get me started on politics this morning, it wouldn’t be pretty. I wish the news had first come from him in this manner but there’s no fault.  Errol has poured his heart into the company I know and always puts up a valiant fight.

Have to admit today I am feeling the post-shock mode thing.  I had such crazy dreams last night.  Dreamed the Trump sons invited me to  a car lot they owned and gave me an orange red safari type vehicle that I mistakenly put into reverse and hit the pedal going into a doughnut spin heading for a wall…somehow i found the brakes and stopped.  Crazy.

Okay, going to get dressed and head out.