Alas, I was certain I had lost Ralph during the freeze weekend before last.  In the wild, rapidly descending to freezing cold wind that battled me, the front door, blinding me with my own hair, I hauled in the big scheflera into the foyer, the Wandering Jew, the rosemary, but by that time my back had frozen up so badly I couldn’t carry anything else in. Covered them with plastic and hoped for the best.

It was so cold anyway, that I lost the periwinkles on both porches…they were so pretty, and Ralph looked fried.  I thought he was a goner.  I haven’t gotten rid of any of the plants yet simply because I can’t carry them downstairs.  Yesterday afternoon, in all the upset, I went to check to mail pessimistically thinking the results from my wringer test would be there and that’s all I would need…you know…but they weren’t yet and I passed poor Ralph and his lifeless sticks.  I did a double take.  Poor Ralph, on those “lifeless” sticks, is starting to sprout tiny, tender green leaves.  I was so glad.  Honestly, I wonder what on earth they fed that pumpkin when he was growing?!