Today we have a new president.  Who has his work cut out from him.  It was a beautiful inaugural ceremony; sadly, a lot of liberal trash had to show their true colors by burning limousines, breaking windows, attacking police officers.  And the Trump supporters are supposed to be the haters.

I loved his inaugural speech.  Of course, the MSM have already deemed it, “Hitlerian.”  Really?  Unbelievable.

Sadly, on another note, this morning a police officer here was shot and killed along with a woman he was helping who had a traffic accident.  The killer then decided he would throw himself off the Crescent City Connection into the Mississippi.  But having gotten there, couldn’t decide to jump.  He has been sitting on the side of the bridge since this morning, his legs dangling over the water seemingly watching the passage of ships below.  The police had to shut the bridge down since early this morning.  Traffic was reported backed up from the river to Carrollton Avenue, then from the River all the way back to Metairie Road, near me.  Last I heard he was still on the bridge; the city is frozen and people can’t go home who live on the West Bank.

Nursing a perfect Jack and soda…got the right blend of cold,, fizz and Jack.  I taped all of the Inauguration events today, will catch up on them soon.

The snowflakes in my office were particularly obnoxious today; sarcastic and smirking.  There’s one in particular who virtually does nothing all day, and we have to put up with due to the American With Disabilities Act and let’s just say the disability isn’t physical but mental.  Picks fights and when someone responds, then acts the aggrieved and threatens to report people to the University Human Resources.  Today it was obvious this person wanted a fight which neither myself or administrator were going to give.  Think the fact that I wore a T shirt with an American flag that read United States didn’t sit well.  Well, as Burt Lancaster said, “too bad!”  Snowflakes.