Now, I’ve given you a break with political speak for awhile, so, humor me.

Inauguration Day is two days away.  Obama will be gone. Yay, thank you Jesus!  Congressman John Lewis, a Civil Rights icon fifty something years ago, told an interviewer Trump was not a legitimate president and that he would skip the inauguration for the first time ever…clearly a blatant lie because he skipped W’s back in 2001 because of the Gore recount flatus.  Trump tweeted back.  Now, this morning in an interview, Trump said he really hates tweeting but because the MSM gives him such dishonest press, he tweets to set the record straight.  He has a point.  He tweeted that Lewis should pay more attention to his Atlanta base that is in terrible shape with crime, etc., and to stop doing nothing about it.

The Left has come out horrified that Trump would respond so to this Civil Rights icon.  Which gives me the point about the left, millennials, petty people I have known:  they think they can always pick a fight, but when someone engages them in kind, they cry, outrage, horror, etc.  How dare someone answer this man back who grossly insulted them in the first place?

Which makes me, in turn, want to do to the crybabies liberals so hysterical about this election, what my brother used to do to me when I was little and would start crying at the end of a sad movie, as was my habit.  He would get this leering smile on his face, honestly, he led me a dog’s life, and start this sing song chant that I wish to paraphrase:

Cry, Liberals, cry, it’s real, real sad…Cry, Liberal, cry, it’s real, real sad…Cry, Liberals, cry, it’s real, real sad…