Yesterday I felt too miserable and tired to have very much to say.  Also, hanging over my head was a diagnostic test I loathe and worried about because I have been putting it off way too long, let’s just say my nickname for it has the word, “wringer” in it.  That being done, with the tech not seeing anything but of course the doctor has the final say, I was relieved. Came home after running errands once the test was done, had supper, resolved to start showering in the morning now and just freshening up at night; got into bed to read, “Beyond the Ice Limit, “by Preston and Childs at 6 PM and fell sound asleep immediately. I think I got nearly ten hours sleep last night and feel more than human this morning.

And now for Ms. Streep and the part of her comment that said people want to run everyone out of Hollywood, and if they did, there would be no arts except the NFL and MMA, and “that’s not art.”  It still hasn’t locked into their minds yet the level of condescension and feelings of superiority by elitists such as herself are insulting and misleading.  No one wants an end to the arts, least of all me, if you want to call 95% of the crap that comes out of Hollywood and New York art any more.  Just because someone is conservative doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy culture.  But just because you go before a camera and have success doesn’t mean you are a socio-cultural genius to dictate to other people they should think like you and put you down if you don’t.  How anyone could support Hillary Clinton is mind boggling.  But what people would like from Hollywood is to keep their pie holes shut about issues from the standpoint that they have a platform when truth to tell is that they are only citizens the same as the rest of us.  It was just more demonization of the people who supported Trump, like the basket of deplorables comment from that wretch Hillary.  And I do agree with something Chuck Woolery said on the news Saturday morning.  He said these people make their living pretending to be other people, and that actors can’t face reality.  I truly, truly believe that last part because I know firsthand how actors can’t face reality.  They can’t face it so much that they will take reality and sublimate it to something to which it doesn’t originate and pretend rather than have the real thing and never mind who they hurt and use in the process.  And that’s not a put down, it’s just a statement of fact.  So Ms. Streep, although you are a fine actress, but not the best that has ever been, and although I think Viola Davis deserved the Oscar over you because frankly, I thought your performance as Margaret Thatcher was a complete bore, if you were so outraged at your allegation that Donald Trump made fun of a disabled reporter, and mistreatment of the disabled, why did you not bring up the four black eighteen year-olds who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled young man for four days and live streamed it to boot?  Talk about hysterical divas.