I really have to say this was a most miserable weekend.  Saturday alternated with chills and being overheated, unable to go out. Yesterday awakened dog tired, drained, forced myself into the shower and out to Dorignac’s and forgot half of what I needed.  Just so drained, no energy, alternately breaking into a sweat and then needing to cover up.  Just miserable.  Awakened feeling a little better but still terribly tired and cranky and out of sorts.  No sooner get into work when two habitually tardy people are called down for it and a stink erupts in the office.

Didn’t bother watching the Golden Globes last night; there’s nothing of interest to me there at all.  And I figured it would be a star-studded evening of bellyaching over Trump’s presidential win and I was not in that zone.  Besides, Masterpiece Mystery started a new season of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch last week and no way was I going to miss the second installment.  Such a clever, well-written, brilliantly produced, brilliantly acted piece of work.  Well done, Brits.

I did, however, see Meryl Streep’s tirade last night when she won the Lifetime Achievement Award.  All morning long, all I’ve wanted to do is say in an Australian accent, “A Dango (dingo) eight mie bay bee!”  And, “I had a farm in Africa…I had a farm in Africa…”

Really in a lousy mood, lousy, lousy mood.