Winter has finally arrived in New Orleans and Louisiana.  It’s 27 degrees this morning; the North wind was blowing steadily at 24 mph, then dropped to 16 mph.  I slept in the recliner last night under Earl’s quilt, and from time to time I could hear the wind whistling in a very eerie way.  No, this time I don’t have the storm door window and other windows wide open to the North wind.  I actually ran central heat this morning, put a fleece robe on over my jammies and flannel shirt and stayed under Earl’s quilt.  Pain Perdu for breakfast.  A beautiful, crystal wintry dawn broke and I’m not stirring out of here.

The Christmas wreath came down and the Mardi Gras fleur de lis now adorns the front door, swaying in the cold wind.  I’m getting ready to take down the Christmas tree although it would be perfect to just leave it up one more cold day and read in its glow…but no.  I’m not looking forward to going on the back porch and removing the red lights to replace with purple to the golden white ones, but I just may do it.  Today’s high will be in the thirties, would you believe it?  The wind chill factor makes it 15 degrees.  It’s chilly here in the Ernest Hemingway room with its Northern exposure.  Clouds are rising in a clear baby blue sky that are tinted in rose from the rising sun.