Twelfth Night, Epiphany, and the birthday of Jeanne D’Arc.  Tomorrow, the Christmas tree comes down, ornaments wrapped away in copious amounts of, to put it delicately, bathroom tissue, all laid in two boxes that sit on the top shelf of the foyer closet for a year.  But this morning was rainy and cold, with charcoal gray skies and I had to savor just one more time the beauty of my living area glowing with the Christmas tree lights, the back porch lights and soft lamplight so cozily against the rainy weather outside.  This was the weather that should have come on Christmas Day.

Still can’t shake the feeling I had and described in my previous posts just before this one.  Don’t know why I want to tell you this, but judging by the way you can command the dialogue, ad lib, create, etc., and judging how grueling a task with which you approach your craft, and now that you’re older, have you ever considered forming your own production company where you command what’s what anyway.  And as I say this I also want to place this coda of sorts in it…it’s not to benefit your friends, your person from another planet, or do something as a type of penance because of something you once did and you feel you owe someone.  It would be purely professional, like your grandfather, with no nepotism. Just a thought. Not an edict I would have no right to make.

Well, I have attached a picture, since it is Jeanne D’Arc’s birthday, of two of my favorite ladies-saints. On the left is St. Therese, playing Jeanne D’Arc at her convent. And one of me where I think I look like a light bulb!therese-and-joan photo-on-1-5-17-at-9-48-am-3