Twenty something years ago, I stopped myself from telling you what I honestly thought about a creative work that I had once played in, bowled over by it as a teenager, less so, much less so at college age.  I stopped from telling you about it  because I was afraid you already found me far too opinionated…God, if only I had told you because it turned out to be a disaster in more ways than one.

So, here, lo these many years later finding myself in the same situation.  And this time I’m not going to hold back my thoughts.  I say this because I’m not judging by the work that I know because I know nothing about the work you’re supposed to be immersing yourself in soon.  I’m talking from instincts, my hunches, my third eye, my inner voice.  And all I want to say is this:  if you haven’t signed on the dotted line yet, don’t.  And I’m speaking now about what I am feeling, picking up.  Already you are seeing flaws in the project, serious flaws.  And my gut instincts tell me this project will be a dismal failure for you if you carry through with it.  And truth to tell, the friendship that you think you have in connection to this really isn’t a true friendship at all.  And some sense of loyalty, or whatever, or back scratching the other shouldn’t bind you to it.  I’m afraid it will be a huge mistake; don’t feel oddly calm about this one at all.  Doesn’t seem a natural fit, no matter how talented you are…because the material will be substandard.  Suggesting, knowing that you do whatever you want, to bow out of it.  It will be a huge comedown.  Of course, as always, the choice is yours, as are the consequences.