I stretched out en boudoir last night to watch television a little before seven, fell promptly sound asleep, a really deep delicious sleep, awakened at 1 AM.  Got up, watched the taped interview of Julian Assange with Hannity with coffee, and by 2:45 AM, I was starving.  Said, okay, I’ll make some toast, then realized toast wouldn’t cut it. So, I had a bowl of gumbo and rice, so delicious at that hour.  Drank a cup of herbal tea and couldn’t keep my head up.  Got back into bed, fell into another deep, delicious sleep to awaken at 6AM.  It goes without saying I wasn’t hungry for breakfast.

I don’t know how I missed this little gem of an Orson Welles’ movie called, “Black Magic,” based on a Dumas story. Gypsies, 17th century France, hypnotism, mysticism, and a young Orson Welles who I always thought was handsome in his day, with Akim Tamiroff and Valentina Cortese. I enjoyed it.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen one, but driving to work on Canal Street this morning I saw a bona fide, genuine Interesting Character.  I have dubbed this one,
“Bunny Man.”  I first saw him from behind.  He was on a bike, and wore a long black-cape-like rain poncho although it was not raining.  Riding on his lower back close to the seat was a small circular pink back pack looking like a cottontail dyed in Pepto Bismol.  On his head he wore a sleek black bike helmet, but, not unlike the Roman soldiers who adorned their with horsehair, pieces of stiff pink material shot up from the top of the helmet, and on top, they seemed to split on either side looking like pink rabbit ears atop his head.  The rest cascaded down his back; he leaned forward and his little pink cottontail poked out.  Yes, definitely, he joins the gallery.  I toyed with calling him, “Rabbit Man,” but no, the pink qualifies him as “Bunny Man.”

He joins, “The Shirtless Seaman;” “The Casual Undertaker;” “The Scarlet Cavalier;” “Major Tom;” “Hans Brinker;” “Balloon Butt: