Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m grateful Tulane closes down for over a week during the Christmas holidays although we can’t call them the Christmas Holidays, shh, shh, it has to be called, “Winter Recess.”  But yesterday New Years fell on a Sunday, a day typically when you get the following Monday off to count, but we had to report to work today when everything else, even the lab at the hospital, was closed and the streets were like a ghost town.  Additionally, we had to report back to work, only to be told to leave early at 2PM because the Sugar Bowl is tonight and our parking garage is near the Super Dome and we would be trapped like rats if we left at usual quitting time to try and go home.  Where is the logic?  Honestly.

But what a Holiday it was.  I overslept until 6:30 this morning, probably because the coffee I had yesterday afternoon kept me awake, and I was engrossed watching, “Spectre” until the wee hours. I have to say that since Daniel Craig has taken over as Bond, the stories seem more adult and less spoofish to me. He will never get over Vesper Lyn, and I did like “Spectre” a lot.  I miss the old Q, and Dame Judi as M, but I do like the young geek playing Q and Ralph ain’t half bad.

All the food in the house and I want to order a thin crust pizza for dinner.  Where is the logic in that?