Well, thank you Kris.  Poking around the fridge to start cooking the poke chops, I saw a Big Easy IPA ale from Abita left over from way back last summer.  And if I didn’t have a beer for breakfast, I had one towards brunch, and my head has stopped thumping.

The pork cops have been smothering, and I can tell from the aroma that I have gotten it just right, ala Miss Etta, Aunt Emma, and the other divine cooks from Avoyelles Parish.  The blackeye peas are also nothing to sniff at.  Almost time for dinner, all traditional dishes assembled with the odd one of cauliflower au gratin.  Last week when I cooked the potatoes au grating, I used mozzarella–surprising, but it gave the whole dish this delightful, almost buttery, nutty flavor and I know I will make it again.

I’ve been enjoying looking at the news the remainder of the morning, with “company.”