This was once a special, special night; my first New Years kiss always came at 5PM on the dot.  Roy and Dale got married on New Years Eve; always thought it a perfect day, at least, always thought it starting in 1990.

It’s raining, and it looks like we’re in for it starting after midnight. A huge red blob of thunderstorms on the radar is heading straight for us, and Carl Arredondo just said that around 3 AM, that system is going to start training over us so rain and downpours are in the cards for the next two days.  A rainy New Years Day; won’t complain about it at all; just hope everyone is safe.  The firecrackers, not the skyrockets are starting already.  4PM Mass was beautiful.  We sand, “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming,” one of my favorites ever and it was lovely to sing it as our Communion hymn.

Took a snooze under Earl’s quilt before getting ready for Mass; Think I’m just gong to feast on hors d’ouevres tonight–stuffed celery, pesto possibly, and I’m about to fry mushrooms and make a cocktail sauce as a  homage to the oysters I can no longer have.  But, there is a casualty:  would you believe my oven is not heating?  The stove top cooks, but the oven is kaput.  I guess I finally cooked it to death.  I’m not going to put in an emergency call for maintenance.  It’s New Years Eve for heavens sake; there’s plenty of food in the freezer, and all the remains to be cooked are the small helping of black eyes peas and the smothered poke chops tomorrow.

Happy New Year wherever you are.