Snuggling under Earl’s quilt is better than any therapy.  I mean it.  Suddenly my aching legs relax and become weightless, my lower back seems to expand and I fall into complete relaxation.  Earl’s quilt is padded well, I think it’s more like a sleeping bag than a quilt, but never having had a sleeping bag, can’t really say.  This has been a wonderful, warm, comforting Christmas holiday.  My Italian dinner yesterday was wonderful; this morning, though, I’m also freezing the daube and tomato gravy because I’m too superstitious not to cook the traditional New Years dishes of pork, cabbage and blackeyed peas.  I’ve already smothered the cabbage; I have a huge, beautiful Creole cauliflower and will make cauliflower au gratin; think I will smother lean pork chops in onions, the old country way; not going to cook a huge amount of black eyes peas, just enough for one meal.  I will have enough food to last nearly two weeks, and will just have to take out the freezer, in the ziploc bag and heat.

One splendid explosion of a firework last night outside my back porch–white, gold, purple and green…Mardi Gras.