Well, let me say it again.  Whew!  Been on my feetsus going non stop since 8 AM after having risen at 1:45AM.  Spent most of the night sleeping in the recliner with the windows opened to the 40 something degree temps, and the Christmas lights outside…nothing like fresh air for a good sleep.  I had taped, “Sense and Sensibility” this morning and so watched it during news times.  I love this movie, the story, the characters and Emma Thompson did a beautiful job writing the screenplay.  I read somewhere she had to make fourteen rewrites before it was finally approved.  The final results showed what I would describe as evocative discipline very well done.  I loved Alan Rickman in this, and although I know he is best known for playing Snapes in the Harry Potter series, to me he will be one of the best likeable villains ever–Hans Gruber.  I did get my annual Yuletide viewing of, “Die Hard” in, and half of “Die Hard 2.”

Going to freeze the rest of the gumbo; it was too delicious to burn out on.  Just finished putting together daube and tomato gravy made with fresh Creole tomatoes, that amazingly, were available this late in the year at Joe W’s.  Put together a casserole of layered eggplant, tomato slices, seasoned with garlic, Italian herbs, a good sprinkling of bread crumbs topped with Parmesan, and repeated to the top of the crock until all the ingredients were situated.  To this I added a little of the tomato gravy and will pop it in the oven later.

Well, another black eye for Obama a second week.  This ridiculous 11th hour stance against Vladimir Putin, and his spokesman saying Obama is sending a message to Ole’ Vlad telling him, to:  “Cut it out.”  Oh, stop, you!  Throwing out 35 Ruskie diplomats, closing their compounds and other unseen things too secret to mention like grandma’s undies.  I absolutely love Putin’s response of taking the high road and not retaliating, and giving Trump the good grace to see what’s going to play out once he’s in office.  I love the Russian’s description of not intending to participate in “kitchen diplomacy,” and act tit for tat.  And the world is describing Obama’s actions as completely adolescent, and you know, that just about says it perfectly.  God knows what he’s going to do next, because the more he is criticized, the more childish he becomes and shows everyone he will do what he will do just because he can do it.  Like, he wants what he wants when he wants it, like most two-year-olds.  Wouldn’t it be a hoot in hell if its revealed that Russia was able to hack into emails all because of Hillary Clanton’s private e-mail server?  This nation has a basket of deplorables, that’s true, and they were the Obama Administration, Hillary Clanton and the DNC.  Notice I did not say their supporters were deplorables.  Although I think that some of them seem  like something out of Plan Nine from Outer Space.

A long hot shower and a good head soaping with Prell awaits.  Swear to heaven, could put on my jammies and spend the rest of the afternoon nursing Pinto and reading Valentino.  What the hay, I’m on holiday.  It smells like a pizzaria in here!