Miracles.  A cold front is about to pass through, actually, it is passing through, a fine Easterly wind blowing, coming through at an angle into the Ernest Hemingway room.  All the windows are opened and my home just sings with the wind; the kitchen smells of fresh air and the Frasier fir candle burning on the stove; the living room smells of fresh air and the cinnamon candle burning on the coffee table.  So miserably hot these past days, especially yesterday.Did I mention that my gumbo came out just great yesterday–had a bowl of it poured over jasmine rice and a heel of French bread perfect for dunking.  Left the house at 7:30 AM this morning to bring my car to Mr. Bonura for a check up and oil change.  I suspected something might be wrong with the wheels because they were bouncing funny whenever I hit a bump–well, Gawd works in mysterious ways.  Turns out it is fortunate I withdrew the amount of mad Christmas money I did because the car needs more repairs this time around–two wheel rods, some kind of shoes, and something else…so it is here on hand to pay for, but the amazing thing is that I also had just what I wanted to have a Christmas splurge, so all goals were met.  At least the walk to Mr. Bonura to pick up the car will be much cooler than the walk from after I dropped it off.  So, all is well, completely.  Now about that gumbo.  Mon Dieu!  Like brown velvet, savory, smooth with tender chicken, sausage, and the seasoning vegetables cooked to flavorful limpness; I had a lot of fun with this one!  It was such a Bordelonville, Louisiana, Bayou State meal…I had frozen the rest of the caramel cake I made a while back, thawed it yesterday and had a slice last night.