Well, as I made the roux for my gumbo, wilted the seasoning vegetables, i.e., onions, celery and BELL PEPPERS!, the Holy Trinity of seasoning, listened to John Kerry give his disconnected, rationalization, lame, weak, looked as if he didn’t believe the crap he was spreading himself about the Obama stance on the abstaining of vote to veto the UN resolution to shut down the Israeli settlements.  God, if only such passion had been verbalized against the mass genocide in Syria, Aleppo.  The UN is a joke, Kerry is a “Mumsy” joke whose first wife left him because he wanted to perform a sex act onstage in one of those elite, sophisticated theatres in the distant planet of New York and she did not.  So…he married into Ketchum, i.e. Theresa Hines.   What a joke.  All I can say is, God bless Israel, God protect them, they are the Chosen Ones, and I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for Obama soon now that he has just been Mr. Secularism.

It is a source of infinite amusement that Obam-bam has claimed he could have beaten Trump in a third election.  I’ve never heard any president in my lifetime, nor read of any, who said that publicly..  Oh, wah-wah, still can’t come to grips that your whole eight years is being repudiated by the Americans except the flakes on the West and East coasts?   And it is so further hilarious that Mr. Bam-Bam has bought a house a mile away from the White House where he intends to conduct a shadow government keeping an eye on Trump.  Well, what would “Gone With the Wind” say about this behavior? The fist word that comes to mind is, “uppity.”