December 26, Boxing Day, St. Stephen’s Feast Day, a favorite day in the Christmas season.  Heavens, I awakened this morning feeling most wonderfully wonderful.  And what a great Christmas Day it was.  It stayed gray and foggy almost most of the day, and it even rained, all was bright with Christmas tree lights, Frasier fir scented candle, soft lamplight, and a string of Christmas movie favorites, some I taped, some not.  Nursed Jack Daniels and soda all afternoon long, snuggling under Earl’s quilt on the recliner, dozing off, waking up, relaxed, joyful, just a wonderful Christmas Day of good cheer and spirit.  I am so glad I was guided to have prime rib this year, and it came out perfectly to my liking…not bloody, but medium rare to almost  done; just perfect, juicy, tender, with that incomparable flavor. I think I will save the bones to make a beef stock.   The food gods must have inspired me to cook potatoes au gratin with it because it was perfect together.  Watched, “Bell, Book and Candle,” “The Thin Man,” “After the Thin Man,” “The Shop Around the Corner,” and still have some taped ones to view.  I have the week off; tomorrow will take the car to Bonura’s for her annual check-up, oil change and brake tag.  Probably the only practical thing I will do all week.

This morning, it is again gray and was foggy, a warm South wind blowing.  Across the street, a lot of  copper-colored fallen leaves have banked the culvert on the grass, looking like a bunch of fallen pennies.  Two days ago, they were on a rooftop and when the sun hit them, they were fiery and shimmering.  But this morning, from my two huge windows in the living room-dining area, it looks like a framed winter print, with the gray day outside, and the geesies waddling back and forth.