Oh my goodness.  Looked out the big back porch glass door, and there on the grass that slopes to the culvert, mingling with the black and white geesies were fourteen–I counted them–fourteen snowy white egrets on their long legs, their delicate curved necks pecking for food.  So beautiful.  What a Christmas!  What a Christmas!  Would you believe I watched,  “Bell, Book and Candle” once more?  I love that movie, I love the story, the performances, the sets, the clothes.  It’s vintage fifties, but the clothes are timeless–I love each of Kim Novaks’s outfis–always dressing in either black, red, both or leopard…and then yellow.  Even Myrle’s suits…it’s so peaceful here, feels so much like home, never felt at home in River Ridge, never.  Mary Lynn tapped on the door and gave me a jar of her sublime Cajun pickles, and I will reiterate, I’m not a pickle person but I love hers.  I know atheists throw it up to us, as do agnostics, that Christmas is really a throwback to the Roman Pagan winter celebration that the ancient Catholic church incorporated to supplicate the Romans…as if that dispells all truth…well, all I can say, is Thank You Roman Pagans!  It is the most beautiful time to celebrate the birth of our savior, and to spread love. I’ve heard they beleive he was born on my birthday, August 22.  Well, I love December.  And it is a most holy time!