The drive to St. Catherine’s last night at 11Pm was a drive through beautiful Louisiana December fog.  Hot, but beautiful fog, mist falling.  And yes, it was broiling beneath those blue choir robes; I wore my cowboy boots–I’m sure it was a delightful picture underneath the robe.  The church was filled with garland and poinsettias, including a huge Christmas tree made of nothing but scarlet poinsettias in a gold holder rising in an  eave above the altar in the giant stained glass window.  It was a beautiful Mass;  we were accompanied for some of the parts and hymns–mostly religious Christmas carols–by a trumpet and coronet, and Watson’s impeccable mastery of that glorious pipe organ.  At the end of the Mass, our pastor thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make the Mass so beautiful and then turned toward us and gave us a special nod acknowledging our “beautiful choir.”  Well, good Lord, the whole congregation once again broke out in thunderous applause and they turned to us with the most beneficent smiles on their faces.  Can’t tell you how heartwarming that was, and always is.  Drove home with music in my soul, washed my face, got into my jammies expecting to greet the dawn watching a Christmas movie, but by 2 AM I had to get into bed.  Got four and a half hours sleep wherein I dreamed I was in a production of Romeo and Juliet being sung by choir…and got terrible reviews!  Remembering this makes me laugh.

When I rose, cooked the coffee–Pecan Praline, and made a breakfast cake of sort that can also be dessert–very simple and time saving…a yellow cake mix in an oblong pain that I do with pineapple slices, cherries and pecans in the center of the rings and pecans on the rest.  Over this pour melted butter spread and bake.  It’s delicious.

Cooked the potatoes au gratin yesterday, and the root dish…these will be good for the week as well after the prime rib is gone.  And holy moly….yesterday rubbed that beauty in olive oil, minced garlic and rosemary.  Kept it uncovered overnight in the fridge and when I arose this morning, took it out so it could get to room temp in two hours.  Seared it on a high oven for fifteen minutes, lowered the heat, and now it’s roasting smelling divine.  A saucepan of mushrooms and garlic sauteed in Merlot in simmering on the stove.  I think Brussell’ s will be more of a compliment to the prime rib and potatoes rather than the root dish–but that will keep.

This morning, I couldn’t face the news, so although I had already gone to Mass, I watched and said the Rosary with EWTN, and then their Christmas morning Mass.  I’m glad I did this because it filled everything with peace in here.  It’s a gray, foggy day again, a good day to stay in one’s Christmas shelter.  Yesterday watched Christmas movies all day long–“Holiday Affair” again, “Meet Me in St. Louis,” a movie I come to appreciate more and more each time I see it, and  “Christmas in Connecticut” again.

Well, Merry Christmas.  Joyeux Noel as they said down here!  The bonfires are out and Papa Noel has found his way to the swamp.  Jesus is born and He was born for us and us alone.  What joy.