Well.  I decided.  No, I was guided.  Last weekend I passed the butcher section of Joe W’s and saw something there but I didn’t purchase it.  All week long I’ve toyed with the idea of having it for Christmas dinner out of a sense of both nostalgia and taste, but shoved it away as it would be a huge splurge.  Now, I don’t know if it was watching Bob Cratchit last Sunday suddenly making merry in a huge way after he got sacked on Christmas Eve that made me admire his spirit, or not, but sometime by Monday morning I realized this Christmas  I didn’t want to have to budget, scrimp, sacrifice or worry.  So, I decided to make a nice, tidy withdrawal of money from my retirement.  I’ve only done this in emergencies, why the hell can’t I do it to celebrate?  But still, I completely planned on having turkey for Christmas dinner.

Knowing it’s always stupid to shop at Dorignac’s on Christmas Eve, nevertheless my work schedule this week forced it today.  Parking was almost a nightmare, people were like blind zombies in the aisles walking right into me and others.  I went to the poultry section, and saw no turkey breasts.  There were drumsticks, but no fresh turkey breasts.  I asked the clerk is they were out, she checked in the back and yes, they were all out of them.  Now what am I going to do, I asked myself.  I strolled down the meat aisle and then suddenly froze something that happens to me when I have a revelation.  I found the item I had contemplated before and without hesitation bought the loveliest standing rib roast there.  It’s gorgeous!  And it reminds me of the Christmases Mom and I occasionally had it for dinner.  God please this prime rib.  What will I make with it>  Decided I will make potatoes au gratin because I have never made potatoes au gratin before but might add my on specialities to it.  I will probably prepare that root parmesan dish I’ve made–with the organic colored carrots, julienned parnsips, rutabagas, turnips and red onions with layers of parmesan in between; and possibly roasted cauliflower–bought a gorgeous Creole one from Becnel’s Farms.  I bought a bottle of Couvoisier, and Lord knows I’ve received enough bottles of red wine, especially one real rich Spanish one, to stock a cellar.  (Exaggerating, but I don’t need any wine.)

It’s hot, it’s really hot.  Broke into a sweat running all my errands; came home a fixed an icy Cranberry and Soda sparkler to cool off, very refreshing.  I wonder what it would taste like with a shot of gin or vodka?  That will have to wait until after Midnight Mass.

Well, I did buy ground turkey; think I’ll have a turkey burger for lunch.  And probably dinner also.  It’s so hot, I just know we’re going to fry under those choir robes tonight.  Probably have to come home and take  a Christmas morning shower.

Think I’ll cook the potatoes au gratin today, and the veggies.  The prime rib will spend the night in all its glory in the fridge, and I will cook it Thomas Jefferson’s way!