First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah!  It somehow makes me very happy to know it has fallen on Christmas Eve and that when I’m singing tonight at Midnight Mass, there will also be the celebration of light.  This will be a long day, somewhere will have to see if I can catch a nap.  I won’t get home until close to 2 AM probably, and usually keyed up after singing, so I’ll watch a Christmas movie till sleepy.  Still don’t know what I’m cooking for Christmas, but leaning towards turkey the way I prepared it Thanksgiving.  Awakened a little late–5:30 AM, already have cleaned the kitchen and dusted the living room, just so I can mess the kitchen up again cooking!  Didn’t have time to bake Christmas cookies this year; so I’m not going to put pressure on myself and do it.  Work was very hectic these past two days.  And exhausting.  Yesterday after work, I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, “Remember the Night.”  Never tire of that story and it always gets me in a Christmas mood.  It’s going to be another hot Christmas, but hey, I can cope.

Knowing that Hanukkah begins today, I really had an I’m appalled moment yesterday, though I guess not too surprised to learn that my country shafted Israel yesterday in the most cowardly of ways–abstaining–from vetoing the UN vote against the Israeli settlements.  In the last days of his already miserable administration.  Anyone reading this can take my next statement any way they want, I know what I mean by it, but this is the most niggardly thing done by an outgoing president, that along with banning any drilliing  in the arctic and East Coast of the United States.   Israel is the only Democratic ally in the Middle East and Obama has done nothing but shaft and alienate them.  He has shown himself to be a petty, petty man, and that goes for his wife as well who had hubris enough to state that all hope rested and came from Obama and now was gone.  My hope has revived big league.  And Putin hit the nail on the head when he dressed down the Demobrats and Hillary Clinton for being such sore losers and to not blame him for their miserable candidate and campaign.  Obama has virtually done nothing his entire two terms and now suddenly he’s making huge moves with long term circumstances.  He is the uintessential S.O.B.

Well, it’s warm, but a very beautiful morning.  All is cozy and bright here; I love the December light in my home each year.  Hear it’s chilly and raining by you.  Guess this weekend is your turn to sit behind a waterfall.