December 22.  I love the sound of that so much.  Posting another happy picture from the morning of our Christmas breakfast this week.  Today, however, the University is officially closed until January 2, but I am covering consults today and tomorrow, then off all of next week.  So, in plaid, but it’s still very, very Merry!  Gray, somewhat muggy day outside, but at least it looks like Christmas although the glorious in the thirties weather has traveled onward. Once again, I have received more bottles of wine as gifts than you can shake a stick at.  But I am beginning to wonder a little about myself.  Helena gives me that lovely little ornament that spells out Joy in the sweetest way; yesterday Cathy gave me a plastic bag cloth holder (will cut out having them all spilling on the floor of the pantry) that she made, and the material had happy, intermittent street scenes from Paris, all in drawings…there were flowering trees with birds in them, a bicycle, a fashionable  smiling girl, street pastry carts, townhouses, a al fresco table with a bottle of wine and two glasses, and a little girl in a hat sitting on a bench, a Le Tour de Eiffel.  I told her how much I liked it and she replied, “that fabric reminded me of you.”  Well, God bless us, everyone!photo-on-12-20-16-at-10-05-am