We had a Christmas breakfast here at work this morning and all the Secret Santas/Kris Kringles exchanged gifts.  I drew Doreen’s name and crazy enough, she drew mine.  Guess what I got?  A humongous bottle of Merlot.  Helena gave me a beautiful vintage ornament, and a poinsettia.  This year, Cathy won the round.  (After I totally whipped her last night with my bathroom medley gift bag.)  We all put three requests for gifts to help our Santas choose.  One of my options:  I wrote, “Alcohol is good.”  So, I had two gift bags anonymously on my desk this morning.  Joined together by a greeting that said, “Have a root in-tootin’ good Christmas!”  Inside was a bottle of Barq’s root beer and a can of baked beans.  The other bag had a bottle of Wintergreen rubbing alcohol.  Like magic, Cathy appeared at my desk and told me, “since you wrote, ‘alcohol is good,’ I thought I’d get you some–after all, you didn’t say what kind of alcohol you wanted!”

“You won this round,” I told her, “but I have twelve months to think of something to get you back next year!”  The rest of the office also proclaimed her the winner this year, and the rest of the office as do Cathy and I, get a lot of fun out of this ongoing annual Yuletide feud.

I can’t begin to describe how delicious Sunday was.  It turned very cold as the day progressed and the rain hardly stopped.  There was even thunder and lightning at times.   After I had finished cooking, I sat in the recliner under Earl’s quilt, just snuggling.  It was so beautiful gray outside, the house so cozy, soft, warm and bright; vanilla candles burning and I was so comfortable and peaceful.  There I was so wonderfully ensconced under the comfort of the quilt in the room lit by lamplight and gray weather.  The two huge windows that I faced just framed the trees and the falling rain.  I felt like I was in a secret mountain chamber sitting behind a crystal waterfall.  It was a wonderful day, when I awakened that morning it felt like within my home was a presence filled with nothing but peace and goodness.  Adding to the magic of the day, I watched, “A Christmas Carol,” the one with Reginald Owen and Gene Lockhart–I think it’s my favorite version of all.