Okay, such irony about the election.  First there was Jill Stein’s hapless recount to overthrow Trump.  He gained votes in one state, Clinton lost votes in same state, and two Federal judges blocked the recounts in the other two states.  And in Detroit, that went solidly for Clinton, it was revealed that more people voted for her than who actually showed up at the polls.  So the whole vogue of that county will be declared invalid.  Boo-Hoo.

Next came the Russian-Putin connection.  Old Vlad had interfered and sent the election Trump’s way…although there is really no proof anyone seems to want to reveal to back that claim up.  The CIA canceled a Congressional hearing to discuss evidence.  No evidence of voting machine tampering.   How they can claim written ballots were tampered with by Vlad, I leave to their vivid and irrational imagination.  Somewhere in between, Killary blamed Comey because he reopened the investigation two weeks before the election.  The court released the warrant behind his actions today, and they clearly showed there were classified emails from Clinton on he of Weiner-Gate, Carlos Danger’s computer.  Another hope dashed.

Next came the crusade to flip the actual electors who would cast the electoral college vote (yesterday).  Electors have had their lives threatened to slip the vote; they’ve been harassed by emails and letters, followed, virtually persecuted.  Why the DOJ hasn’t stepped in to press election tampering charges is beyond me.  I guess BLM isn’t involved so nothing else matters.  Then, there was the ad with all the has-been celebrities, three quarters of whom I didn’t even recognize, exhorting the electoral college to “vote their conscience” because Trump was not “eminently qualified” to be president.  Such self-righteous importance from all these experts.  So, what happens?  Trump lost only two electoral votes, and Clinton lost five…to Bernie Sanders, three to Colin Powell and one to Ms. Spotted Eagle.  Have they stopped their temper tantrums yet?

No.  Pochahontas Warren is waiting in the wings to try and impeach Trump the second he is elected.  Bwahahahahahaha!  There used to be a saying that people, who have made complete asses of themselves, try to pull the shreds of human dignity about them.  These clowns have acted out so much it makes a riotous pre-school look like a church picnic between nuns and priests.  They have shredded the rags of human dignity so much they are technically buck nekkid.

These people have no shame.  Oh, and yesterday, it was revealed Bill Clinton blamed, “angry white men” for his spouse’s loss.  I guess that makes him an angry white man also. The New York Times is doing its usual flip out by stating Trump would benefit by another 9/11 event. Wing Wangs, all of ’em.

I used to have a dream that one day I would open the Times Picayune (now I don’t get it anymore, on a Sunday morning from my New Orleans home base, to the book review section.  There would be the New York Times Bestsellers List, and at the top would be the title of a novel…by…Frois.  Ah, youth.  When I look at the crap that’s published today and lauded over, crap I know I would never want to even write, that dream left the barn a long time ago…with the reincarnated flies.