Awakened at 5 AM, my little back porch thermometer read 70 degrees, opened the door, hot, breathless muggy air.  Gross.  Then, as dawn began to break, the wind picked up considerably and I switched from watching taped Sven to the weather.  A cold front was just passing through Kenner and knocking on Metairie’s door, with a large purple canopy cloud as its clarion call.  Ran to Joe W’s and the cold misty rain was falling, the cold wind was blowing, the day gray and cozy and the air like wine.  Perfect Christmas weather.  Came home, opened up all the windows, lit the tree, alternately wept and smiled watching Dr. Jeremiah’s Christmas on Broadway, gorgeous, gorgeous reverent beautiful program from the kitchen as I put together Chili Mac and will later make a pot of black  bean soup for the weak.  The thermostat reads 58 degrees in  here, but I’m wearing my leopard trimmed red Santa’s hat and was quite comfortable as I cooked.  But, will close up for a while; snack on Philly Cream Cheese and Pick-A-Peppa and salt free cracker til lunch is done.

While out this morning, it was snowing fallen leaves.  Miss you very much; wish we were together this Christmas very much.