Obama held his last press conference today before he leaves office. I was inspired to write lyrics to a song…

Bye-Bye Obama,
Adios all the Drama.
We’ll sing and cheer
As the end draws near,
Bye-bye Obama.

Lecturer-a rama.
Preach and teach
Ignore and reach,
Bye-bye all Obama.

Bye-bye Obama,
Green-tee bomber.
Heads were chopped
But your golf ball flopped,
Bye-bye Obama.

Bye-Bye Obama,
The Right wing slammer.
Dig in your heels and
Ignore appeals,
Bye-bye Obama.

Bye-Bye Obama
Big rap jammer.
Jay Z raps
And your feetsus taps
Bye-Bye Obama

Bye-Bye Obama
Obama bye-bye.
Hillary cost your
Legacy lost
Bye-bye Obama.

We’ll miss you not a lotta.
The 57 states
Are now in probate,
All back to fifty.
(Obama, that’s nifty).

Good bye Bam, Bam