They say everything is in perspective.

They say we can always use a new perspective.

Something to remember.

It’s amazing how nearly eight straight hours of deep, sleep, non-induced by Soma, just

by good old-fashioned tiredness can work magic.  Arose feeling human again.  Made a French press pot of Community Golden Caramel…it’s Christmas and I felt like flavored coffee…lit the porch lights and the Christmas tree almost forgetting it was depressing me.  And then, don’t you know, the strangest thing happened.  I happened to glance at the wall where I have the Morning Apples print, my own versions of Blue Dog, and other framed miscellany, and I saw the reflection of the tree in all.  Especially Morning Apples. And it was beautiful to see.  Absolutely beautiful.  And then I realized I was in need of a new perspective, a new angle to view things.  Sat on the sofa with coffee facing all those framed things reflecting the tree.  And became so not depressed nor filled with Christmas Bah Humbugs.  Brought some Christmas lights to work to string around my area, and a few leftover ornaments I didn’t use.  There was the most beautiful dawn and sunrise this morning that matched my mood.  I guess I was tired from pain, and strong meds, and it’s good to be happy again.

Crazy thing, I’ve been taping episodes of, “Bonanza” and watching them at night.  Swear to heaven, in nearly every one, Little Joe falls into love eternal.  But he sure was cute!