I have never seen such carrying on, belly-aching, crying, displays of denial, childishness, sore losers, sour grapes, etc., etc., etc., as I have witnessed from the left since Trump handily won the election.  Okay, the latest is Putin got him elected with hacks.  How about the Grand Question, Liberals, to be it in the vernacular of the younger generation:  YOUR CANDIDATE SUCKED?!!!  Podesta, minus the goat horns, is demanding that the electors all be given Intelligence Briefings about this before they vote on December 19.  Mon Dieu!   I would be less than honest if I said that some election years because of the results and my candidate lost, that I didn’t have a royal fit.  It’s disappointing.  But, I always realized that it was my president of my country and I would respect the will of the people.  Even if I questioned their judgment.  Look at Jill Stein who made a blathering fool our of herself and milked all the money for donations for a recount. Two Federal judges, one of whom called her demand for a recount under the circumstances, “An Exercise in the Irrational,” stymied both her demands.  In Wisconsin, the recount actually showed Trump up by 140 something votes.  These are the people who are not truly patriotic, or for the rest of America–they are for themselves only. Trump is not even president yet and he is already reaping positive results on the nation and the economy.  And all this garbage about Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State who has a good relationship with Putin.  Let’s brand him a traitor already.  I like vodka; “War and Peace” is one of my favorite books; “Dr.Zhivago” is also one of my favorite books and movies; I thought David McCallum as Ilya Kuryakin in, “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” rocked, especially his accent.  I think Russian culture, before the rise of Communism is beautiful.  I loved Glasnost.  So, does that make me a traitorous Commie?  I also thought when Putin gifted France with a new bomb sniffing dog after the death of Diesel was extremely touching.  That doesn’t mean I support oppressive governments, or I’m against the American way.  So many childish people having tantrums.  Wake up:  You Lost!  God Bless the USA, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!