As I’ve often said, Huck Finn is my favorite literary character.  Mull over all the ones I’ve encountered all these years of having my nose stuck in a book, and he always comes out on top.  Memo to myself:  Read, “Life on the Mississippi,” by Mark Twain over Christmas.  Never read it, always meant to, kept forgetting, and hopefully, can find a Large Print edition.

But I digress from Huck Finn.  You know, I can tell you exactly to the number what my favorite chapter in that book is:  Chapter 19.  It’s a beautiful description of Huck and Jim’s life on the river, lyrically beautiful, and in my own novel now part of Katrina landfill, it had this type of odyssey quality to it, between Christian and Gabrielle.  But that’s not to say it is Huckleberry Finn at all.  It is a beautiful, beautiful chapter, and you know, it’s time I replace my copy that went by the wayside during during TWTMA.  If you’ve never read Twain’s masterpiece, it’s worth it alone to get a copy and just read Chapter 19.