Didn’t think I would be up to it today.  Awakened tired, sat in the dark with coffee and after prayers watched Svengoolie that I taped.  Okay, this was a gem of a movie I had somehow managed to miss:  “Weird Woman” with Lon Chaney, Jr.  Voodoo, superstition; academia; true love; jealousy. Atmosphere.  Sven, as usual, cracked me up; Kevin O’Connor and Mark Hamill are huge fans of his now that MeTV has him in 90% of the market.  This was a good entry, based on the Inner Sanctum radio series–Mom used to tell me about that and I can still hear her saying in that sepulchral tone, “This is Raymond.”

But after Sven, dislodged myself from the recliner still dog tired and managed to start of pot of ‘dem limas slowly cooking for the week.  Had some pork chops left in the freezer, so I oven breaded-fried them.  Rice.  Was just going to crash, but somehow this itch got into me to start on the Christmas tree.  Yesterday went to Toy Soldier and got the fallen branches.  Well, the tree is up; it’s beautiful, it smells like a Christmas tree although is is 3/4 fake.  I’ve received such lovely Christmas cards through the years that I’ve kept so I decided to do the old-fashioned thing they used to do with them…I placed them over the mirror and the hangings above the sofa, including the old clock.  It’s very cheery and retro looking and I’m glad I did it.  So, nevertheless, Christmas has still not come to me.  But I know it will.

But some strange happenstance, as happened the time I decorated the tree two years ago, Destination America is showing a Ghost Stalker marathon again today.  Maybe that’s what got me motivated to start the tree.  But I haven’t noticed as much screaming from Chad asa before although they are the same episodes.  Perhaps they edited it out; it really an awful thing to televise.

So, now I am tired and want to rest for the remainder of the day.  I’m glad the tree is up so much.  I’m glad it’s Christmas.