The formerly stark Ernest Hemingway Room is beginning to fill a little.  There’s a print of a seascape, a lazy one, with a blue and white striped hammock suspended hanging from palm fronds, a blue towel on the hammock, and a pair of blue sandals in the sand beneath.  Next to it I propped an old autumn landscape I did of a pumpkin field with a loving young couple standing there, a red barn and rambling house in the background, and trees ablaze with autumn color beneath a blue, blue sky.  Funny, add to that in the same area is my blue screensaver of the Northern lights…I’m almost representing the four seasons over my worktable and didn’t realize it until now…now what could I use for spring…blue would have to figure.  The big blue exercise ball rests in a corner; in the other corner is my blue bike; the blue glass holder with the blue scented sticks Mildred gave me in the window; Mom’s blue hurricane tracking map; the blue and purple swim noodles; in the opposite corner adding a trace of coziness, an eggplant colored storage container with Earl’s yellow quilt folded atop.  Must think of something blue for spring…however, the point of this rather rambling post was to cite a passing.

I have added to the Ernest Hemingway room, there under the window with the palms fronds outside, my blue faux Adirondack back porch chair.  The other night when I sat in it, the seat cracked and my rump nearly went right through it to the planks of the porch floor.  I couldn’t make myself thrown it in the dumpster, so it is retired here and fits in oddly well.  A tribute to Hemingway’s pugilism, the red punching bag rises on its pole.  New Years Eve is coming; have to find a back porch chair soon to sit upon and watch the fireworks.