Last night, retiring en boudoir to be carried into SomaLand, right at 7PM during a last channel surf, I saw that, “The Legend of Hell House” was just coming on.  Had to switch to it.  It’s still a fine, creepy, suspenseful movie after all these years.  Surprised at how much I remembered of it, first seeing it the summer I returned home from California 1973.  Kim and I both wanted to see it, but it was now only playing at the old Do Drive In on Metairie Road, and we went in my old Dodge Dart, a blue one named Larky.  Found myself laughing last night as I watched the movie, and Kim and I, me in my late teens, Kim in her mid teens, watched this movie drinking Annie Green Spring Peach Creek wine and eating red licorice whips.  Two gourmets amid the necking  couples in the cars surrounding us.  I laughed as I remembered Kim saying, did you hear what the guy in the next car said?  he asked that girl if she was “ready to be felt up!” Very indignant was Kim.  “Kim,” I responded, “you’re in the middle of a drive-in, what do you expect?”  Oh, the worldliness of being three years older!  And then I laughed out loud when I saw the part when young Pamela Franklin as  Miss Tanner the medium makes love to the ghost to give him rest…the same guy in the next car yelled, “yeah if you get pregnant your kid’s going to be invisible!”  Back in the day, when I first saw this movie, I thought of all the characters I would have identified with the most it would have been young Miss Tanner.  Looking at this last night, I kept thinking she was naive and I know now that I would have been the Roddy McDowall character without hesitation.  Ah, the vista of the years!  But I did enjoy the movie again.  And the memories.  Daaannniiieeeellll  Beeeeellllllaaaaassssccccoooo!