One quick post before I retire to the recliner, take a Soma, and apply the moist heat heating pad.  Been fighting neck and shoulder freeze all week, muscles spasms down my arm to my fingers, and let me not forget the torture that’s been throbbing at the site of the elbow that I fractured in three places six years ago.  Awakened this way worse this morning and, as tomorrow will be a busy day at work, decided to take a sick day to properly treat myself for this.  A pot of French press coffee awaits; it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a day we used to get as a holiday in Catholic school; this one is cold and gray, reminds me much of the one we had when I was nine, and after Mass, Mom took us on Oak Street to shop.  I loved that day.  Going to be in the thirties tomorrow; cold all weekend.  God willing, I will get the Christmas tree decorated.  Over and out.