In case you should happen to see her.

Surprised that Sally is the latest Liberal to melt down about Trump’s victory.  Have to say I’ve been taking a perverse delight in watching the sore losers mouth off; they were so glib, so sure that their “lofty” out of town global liberalism was that shining light on the hill to enlighten all of Les Deplorables.  Sally wanted to ask, how did Americans vote for this man who, “stood for nothing.”  Shaking, and almost to the point of tears.  Maybe watches too much CNN and MSNBC?

Well Sal, Trump stood for not ripping a baby out of its mother’s womb when it was nearly full term and killing it.  Obama said nothing could be done to get the Carrier jobs back; Trump said he intended to fight businesses leaving the country and taking jobs away from Americans because of intense taxation and no incentives.  Hillary planned to put coal miners out of business with glee;  voters were told they had to learn new job skills instead of being supported in the industries in which they worked.  Out of work people might find it heard to pay tuition to learn something they don’t want to learn anyway because the government says it should.  What did Hillary Clinton stand for?  The only thing that was clear to me from her platform was abortion.  Her economic plan sucked.  Oh, and yes, she didn’t like fat women being called fat.  She didn’t like misogyny yet the Clinton Foundation employed women doing the same job as the men who made less.  Not so in the Trump Corporation.  Hillary Clinton, along with Barack Obama, turned the firestorm in the Middle East into a nuclear meltdown.   Hillary Clinton broke the law repeatedly and put our national security at risk with her arrogant view that she was above the law, God and everybody.  That’s just a few points.  I don’t know what it is about Trump that goes over your head where you don’t see what he stands for–he stands for America, not himself, unlike Clinton.  He stands for the working stiffs being stiffed by liberal policies fostered by over educated eggheads who applaud companies going to other nations because it shows their good business sense due to it not being profitable to remain in America.  Hello???????What’s wrong that THAT picture?

Finally, and though there is more, Trump stands for going forward and making deals to end the gridlock life we’ve endured eight years under Obama and would have the same with Clinton,  who just may still be headed for jail.  Her lack of judgment, her crookedness, lying, machinations, dirty tricks, gives the complete and obvious picture she stands for nothing.

Now, all this flack about Clinton getting the popular vote.  All election season long, all you liberal pollsters, pundits, celebs, etc. sang in glee how she was on the road to reach 270 ELECTORAL votes to win the White House.  That’s the way the system is set up; now that Trump won 306 ELECTORAL votes, you all claim it doesn’t count because it isn’t the popular vote.  To be honest, as someone who once made that claim herself when my candidate didn’t win, my advise to you is this:  Stop Being A Sore Loser.  Your elitist agenda born from privileged celebrity doesn’t apply to the rest of the nation victimized by it.  You all aren’t smarter than we; you all are not better than we, just terribly, terribly blind and limited in thinking that only the gays, Muslims, and African Americans get shafted in this nation and are suffering.  Open up your eyes, because, like thirty something years ago, once again, it’s morning in America.

And for Pete’s sake, grow up!