Funny, my memories of my time in the Smoky Mountains back in 1986 have really been in my mind these past few weeks in such a good way.  Such a beautiful region, although Gatlinburg was a tourist trap, it’s set in the most beautiful spot.  Kept remembering Earl dancing a thanksgiving dance to me from across the hotel room to come and nudge me and wrap himself around my legs after I fed him the divine filet mignon from The Burning Bush for breakfast.  Therefore, it really saddened me to learn this morning right now that whole area is being consume by fire.  Don’t know if it’s a wildfire or not, or arson.  It’s hard for me to imagine all that gorgeous wooded area being charred and burned, and heavens, there’s The Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge, a most wonderful place that has to be right in the path of the fire.  My goodness, that incredible orchard.  All day, and since yesterday morning, but especially this morning, couldn’t shake a feeling of foreboding that something bad was going to happen this week, as though something was just below the surface bubbling furiously and about to surface.  But it breaks my heart to know this part of East Tennessee is suffering.  I’ve been wanting to go back for a while now, there, not Virginia, but the Smokies, and to Cherokee.

A really strong line of storms is going to pass through the south overnight bringing a cold front; pray to God it puts the fires out with it.