It’s another beautiful, beautiful day.  I suppose it was the holiday candles I bought, specifically one that smelled like a praline that made me succumb.  This morning baked a yellow cake and just frosted it with caramel icing.  It will be delicious with a cup of French Roast.  The Italian meatloaf has been cooked in the over for a little over an hour, and the place smells of tomato and herbs slowly cooking, yum.  A broccoli casserole made with bread crumbs, Italian herbs, Romano, and a beaten egg awaits to go into the over after the meatloaf is done.  I was going to put the Christmas lights up on the back porch, take down the orange ones, but it is still November and I suppose I’m purist enough to wait until December before I start decorating for Christmas.  I’ve accomplished a lot this weekend.  The house is very nearly in apple-pie order for Christmas.  I feel wonderful, physically and spiritually and otherwise.

Remember my very recent post about feminists being stupid, indoctrinated fools.  Although I hadn’t really listed anyone who belonged to that group, let me please list two of the most salient members to fit that bill:  Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton.  Honestly, there’s no proof of voter fraud, so let’s have a recount in Wisconsin, PA and Michigan?  Damn fool women, that’s for damn sure.  But, as someone on the telly said this morning, I believe it was Newt Gingrich, NOTHING about the Clintons surprises me.  If I were sitting on the porch of a country general store surrounded by old men in rocking chairs, or around a pot bellied stove with same, and one of them said, damn fool women, why don’t they stay home and keep house, you know I would honestly agree with them.  These two are no proud representatives of the talents of a truly capable woman.  They are an embarrassment.  And while it didn’t surprise me that Clinton did not appear election night to concede in person, I was surprised at the graciousness of her reported phone call to Trump, and her concession speech next day….but HAH!  She had no intention of conceding that night, she intended to fight on and contest, despite her previous “Horror” that Trump might do the same and “undermine the Constitution…”   Apparently, it was Obama who forced her hand hand that night and told her she must concede.  Which is one of the few wise moves of his administrative term.

So, who should get Time’s Man of the Year?  Not that I have any respect for Time anymore but apparently it is between Julian Assange and Donald Trump.  You know, they’re going to snub Trump and give it to Assange, when it actually should go to Trump, all things considered.  But sensing that, I would hope they’d compromise and do a split cover Men of the Year between the two of them.  It is my firm belief that journalism is dead with a few exceptions.  I think Assange is a true journalist.  No, hacking isn’t right, but what difference is there between what he has done and Woodward and Bernstein with Watergate.  How many of their sources, and indeed, in other investigative reports, sneaked records to them or other reporters, exposed people’s questionable, criminal behavior.  There’s a different medium now.

I used to admire Christianne Amanpour when she covered the Gulf War.  But after seeing her hysterical rant after winning another award given out by other journalists comparing Trump to Stalin and other dictators, and saying that journalists were going to be tortured and put in cages, man, all I can say is, damn fool woman.