It was weeks ago, and I kept forgetting to post about it.  Oddly enough, what reminded me was that, “Animal House” was on this past week and I watched a portion of it…this was the uncensored version that I’ve never seen, and I turned it off, although it is one of the funniest movies…to get to the point…there was Tim Matheson, the frat house roue.  Very young, very funny, and the scene between he and Dean Wormer’s wife is hysterical.  But what I wanted to mention weeks ago was that I watched, “Killing Reagan.”  Tim Matheson played Reagan, and Lord, he did a beautiful job of acting.  He sounded so much like Reagan that at times I’d close my eyes and could swear it actually was Reagan talking.  To me, Matheson owned the show, although the other performances were fine.  As far as Hinckley, I felt so sorry for him, what a pitiful, pitiful person.  This was more intense than I anticipated, especially when Reagan was shot. I never knew, until I read the book, how close to death he actually was, and the crisis was depicted intensely and drove home how much he suffered; it was a bit hard to see, because, I loved Reagan.  But again, kudoes to Matheson for a great job…a long way from “Animal House.”